About us

bfair. Sustainable fashion for fair jobs

Bfair is a Zurich start-up founded in spring 2019. Our goal is to create fair jobs by promoting the production of sustainable textiles.


Our vision is the ethical and fair production of organic textiles so that you as a customer can contribute to a better world.


With our project, we want to create fair jobs and spread a Fair-trade mentality that should serve as a model.

Our philosophy

Transparency and openness: we do not hide behind labels and phrases. It is important for us to offer our customers full transparency. Who sewed, dyed and delivered your garment to Switzerland? Where does organic cotton come from?
With fair prices, we improve the quality of life of the people who make our clothes.

Brand Strategy

We want:
1. Support fair and ecological production conditions.
2. Give people career prospects and create fair jobs
3. Support our suppliers in increasing their quality and thus being marketable in the long term.

Our process

1. Design

In order to develop the most perfect clothing possible, we work directly with you as a customer and with selected production companies in the global south.

2. Production

Our products are manufactured by companies that produce on a sustainable basis and that pay their employees fair salaries.

3. Distribution

We take care of the transport, promotion and distribution of the products. At a price that also suits you as a customer.


Gehad Bayoumi. Ceo. bfair.ch

Gehad Bayoumi


Maria Villanueva Project Manager Digital Marketing

María Villanueva


Sandra Gysin Designer

Sandra Gysin

Fashion designer

Mohammed Shaalan. Bfair. Team

Mohammed Shaalan


Gerald Knoll

Gerald Knoll

Producer and director

jasmin Stillhard Siebenzahn

Jasmin Stillhard

Fashion designer


Web Salem

Webdesigner & SEO


Konzept + Gestaltung



Save the Children

Aid organisation

Global Organic Textile Standard