Recycling program

A second life for used bfair products

Has your child grown out of the garment or do you no longer like it? Send us your used bfair clothes. In return, you will receive a gift voucher for our online shop.

Around 60% of the groupage can be reused unchanged and another 40% enter a recycling process.


Buy a bfair outfit.

2. Return

If your bfair dresses no longer fit, send them back to us and give them a second life. For each piece you send us, we will give you a gift voucher.

3. Sorting

We separate the clothes. This allows well-preserved dresses to be worn again. Or new textiles or insulation materials are created.

4. Delivery

We will deliver the clothes in good condition to aid organisations.

4. Recycling

The clothes, which cannot be reused, are sent to our workshop for recycling.

5. New product

We turn your old clothes into new products.